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About us

Main activity of the company is manufacturing of sports equipments ( ski poles, Nordic Walking poles, rollski, floorball tubes) from the carbon and glass prepreg or RTM. Carbon and glass prepreg of different modules and weights are used for manufacturing. Prepregs technology allows the maximum usage of technical properties of materials and the making of products with minimum weight, maximum strenght and good quality. Almost all our products are used for professional sports.

Manufacturing of the products of carbon and glass reinforced plastics also includes final decoration of the products: preparation of surface, painting, varnishing, application of marks (by using Water Decal technology or PVC sticker).


Technology for manufacturing of the carbon – glass fibre fishing rods was implemented in the year 1989.

Technology for manufacturing of the floorball shafts was implemented in the year 1994.

Production of ski poles eas launched in 1998. Prepreg technology allowed design of the highest level ski poles Racing for the professional sports (marathon, biathlon). Also production of Nordic walking poles was launched.

Vacuum resin infusion technology (Light RTM) was implemented in the year 2006. Implementation of resin infusion technology (Light RTM) promted production of carcass elements, canoes and boats.

Ski pole, NW pole and Rollski (skate, classic) has been manufactured by using Light RTM technology since 2008.

Technology using high pressures for manufacturing of the products from the carbon plastics was introduced in 2009. The technology allowed the maximum usage of carbon properties at minimum weights of the products.

The long-time experience allows designing of any thin wall pipe or other structure in line with the technical specifications submitted by a customer.

Equipment, moulds and machinery necessary for manufacturing are made by Carbolita itself. Such equipment can be manufactured for customers according to the individual orders placed by the customers or according to the drawing submitted by the customers.

Long time experience in production of glass and carbon plastics allows flexibility and dynamics.

The following products are manufactured using different production technologies:

1. Thin wall pipes (design, drawing) according to the parameters (technical specifications) submitted by a customer; Floorball shafts, ski poles, Nordic walking poles, antennas, sail masts, etc. The thin wall pipes can be manufactured as follows:

  • By using glass and carbon prepregs technology;
  • By using Light RTM technology.

2. Small structural carcass elements, parts, rollski

  • Manufactured by using glass and carbon prepreg technology;
  • Manufactured by using Light RTM technology.